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We will increase your third party (OC) and road traffic accident compensation.
Reclaim your money even within 24 hours.

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We will present the offer of top-up payment for your compensation free of charge.

If you want to quicken the payment of your money you can send us an estimate or calculation (optionally)

About us

Our law office deals with top-up payments for third party road traffic accident compensation (OC). We are one of the biggest law firms in Poland.  Our company consists of legal counselors and attorneys who specialize in insurance law. We offer top-up payments to third party (OC) for our customers. We pay due money directly to the client after signing a contract. Our extensive experience allows us to quickly asses the amount of the top-up payment for a particular client. We specialize not only in road traffic accident compensation but also property or personal claims. We focus on compensation buyback because in this way every customer can receive due funds swiftly and without unnecessary formalities. We always pursue full compensation for our customers. We also handle cases where the insurance company refused to pay or paid lowered third party (OC) compensation. With our help it is possible to reclaim almost every compensation. Our clients opinions are a guarantee of our swift action.
Have you had a car accident within last 3 years?

Check how fast can you get the money

Have you had an accident within last 3 years? In 90 % of cases insurers lower the due fully comprehensive (AC) and third party (OC) compensation
  • We will calculate the amount of top-up payment within 24 hours.
  • You do not have to handle the formalities.
  • We will transfer cash to your bank account.

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If you want to quicken the payment of your money you can send us an estimate or calculation (optionally)

Our client's opinions

Considerable engagement in the case , great contact. I regret that with a previous case I went to other law office which also deals with compensation but their effectiveness was low. It is worth to know that Odkupszkody.pl law firm also deals with third party (OC) insurance buy-back. I am very happy with their services. I recommend.
Adam from Tomaszów
I came to Odkupszkody.pl law firm since I needed help with claiming fully comprehensive insurance (AC). Specialists from the company approached the issue seriously and thanks to their actions I managed to get the compensation. In addition, later I was also due to receive a fully comprehensive (AC) top-up payment which I quickly received. I recommend.
Kazimierz from Cieszyn
The specialists from the law office analyzed thoroughly and fairly my extensive documentation . Thanks to their hard work I was able to successfully finish the case. I am happy with the cooperation and that is why I recommend Odkupszkody.pl law firm for solving your problems with the insurer.
Aurelia from Krakow
Odkupszkody.pl law firm proposed us a price-wise attractive and quick buy-back of third party insurance (OC). Thanks to their specialists I quickly received my money.
Dude family from Przemyśl
We contacted Odkupszkody.pl law firm because we had a serious problem with claiming a compensation. Law office’s employees took our case and proposed a fair offer for third party (OC) top-up.
Andrzejowicz family from Jarocin
Odkupszkody.pl law firm proposed quick and attractive third party (OC) insurance buy-back. Thanks to their help I quickly gained the due money.
Aneta from Racławice
Despite numerous appeals the insurance company refused to pay fully comprehensive insurance (AC). Thanks to help from Odkupszkody.pl law firm specialists not only I got the due compensation but also I was offered attractive terms for fully comprehensive (AC) compensation buy-back.
Thanks to a quick help from Odkupszkody.pl law firm I was able to receive road traffic accident compensation. The company is worth recommending. I heartily recommend.
Odkupszkody.pl law firm is one of the best insurance claim companies. It finished my case. Thanks to them I quickly received third party compensation (OC). I am really happy with their services. I heartily recommend.
Antoni from Kołobrzeg
The main business of Odkupszkody.pl law firm is the buy-back of third party (OC) compensations. They are true professionals in the area of compensation claims. I used their service many times and always the cooperation was fast. I recommend 100%.
Miłosz from Zawiercie
I used the services of Odkupszkody.pl law firm and I am very happy with the way they operate. The employees advised me on how to receive an OC insurance in an easy way. Then, they obtained the third party (OC) compensation for me. I sincerely recommend.
Bożena from Łomża
Thanks to the law firm I received a quick top-up payment for third party insurance (OC).
Marian from Jedrzejow
We contacted the Odkupszkody.pl law firm because we had a serious problem with getting a compensation from the insurance company. Thanks to quick actions of lawyers we received our third party compensation (OC).
The Kajstur family from Nowy Sącz